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Pink Balloons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is delivery and set up included?
    Yes! Free delivery is included with you purchase within 8 miles of my house in Morrison. Each additional mile outside of that is $2. Set up is included in the price and I typically ask for access to the space at least two hours prior to start time.
  • How do you hang up the balloons?
    I use damage-free command hooks. Anything that needs additional reinforcement, I will use damage free tape.
  • What do I do with the balloons after my party?
    You can pop the balloons when you are ready and any other materials that I used are now yours!
  • Do you take last-minute orders?
    Yes! All last-minute orders must be pre-approved and placed a minimum of 48 hours prior to an event. Please note that balloon colors may be limited.
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